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Note: Hawksoft is constantly evolving, upgrading, and updating their system. These steps are as of 12/2023. Please contact Hawksoft support if these steps are no longer accurate.


Tango Screen Capture: How to add Inspire a Nation Templates into Hawksoft AMS.pdf

Note: Only active Inspire a Nation members can access this PDF. This is the only section on this page that requires an Inspire a Nation Membership. Check out our membership here: Membership Pricing


Edit Outlook or Gmail signature or in correspondence templates. You’ll add your business card link, google review link, and appointment scheduler link. 


Login to Hawksoft > top right click “correspondence templates” > click “Email” > click “Add” > Name the email template > Click “Ok” > Paste your email template and modify > Top left click “Save” 

Click “categories” on the bottom right (categorize your email templates) > click “new” > type in the category name > click email templates you want in that category 


Go to clients record > click “action” > Internal > Send email > chose email you are sending it to > chose template > send > click “finish” > hawksoft creates activity note (you can add notes) > click “Ok” 

Screen capture: 

VIdeo on How to set up email templates and send email template: 

How to add Text Message Templates:

Login to Hawksoft > top right click “correspondence templates” > click “Text messaging” > click “Add” > Name the text message template > Click “Ok” > Paste your text template and modify > Top left click “Save” 

How to send text message templates: must have text messaging added (20$ a month)

Go to clients record > click “action” > Internal > Send text > chose text number you are sending it to > chose template > send > click “finish” > hawksoft creates activity note (you can add notes) > click “Ok

Screen Capture: 

Video on how to set up text message templates and send text message templates: 

How to integrate E-signature (InsureSign) in Hawksoft:

1. Must be purchased first: 

- Go to hawksoft market place and add on e-signature (top right setting icon > scroll down to "marketplace">register with billing contact if not registered > verification code to email provided > verify with code and click submit > close and reopen marketplace) 

To activate e-signature: 

Click activate >enable e-signature and confirm agency information> user selection window > add each user > submit changes > billing summary > check boxes and then confirm subscription > each user will get emails from both hawksoft and insuresign > open hawksofts link first confirm email > follow the insure sign email instructions and create account > once that is completed > close out hawksoft and reopen 

 (if agency information isn't correct do this) Close marketplace > top right setting icon > agency information > update and save and return to marketplace

Click this link to activate:

HawkSoft E-Signature | HawkSoft

How to add and send Form Letter Templates: 

Login to Hawksoft > top right click “correspondence templates” > click Form Letters > add form letter > save and close


How to send the declined coverage w/ e-signature is:

Go to customers record > action > print > letter > click on "declined coverage" template > input the coverages the customer declined and agency minimum standards > click "print" > print as pdf > click finish > go to customers record "attachments" > right click the declined coverage form pdf and click "send as e-signature" > formstack pops up > click next > add signature and date to the document > then send > go back to hawksoft and click finish


How to add proposal templates (policy review forms):

Login to Hawksoft > top right click setting icon > correspondence templates > click Proposals > click add > arrow down click template you want (homeowners & personal passenger automobile) > modify if need (add agency standards)> click save 


How to send Proposal templates (policy review forms):

Go to customers record > click the customers policies (home or auto) > top left click print > click proposal > new (second button on the right) > click the policies for proposals > Next > click home then drop down to click the proposal template > edit if needed then close > repeat the same for auto > Click “print preview” to see a preview of how it looks > once it's ready Click “next” > click on the action you want it to do (email,print,save as attachment) > click Finish 


How to assign Tasks in Hawksoft (Tasks are called suspense in Hawksoft):

Go to clients record > click “action” > Click on what you would like the staff member to do (call, email, text,etc) > once you click on what you would like the staff member to do a pop up box called “Add log entry comments” will pop up > type comment/task you want to assign to the staff member > click “suspense transaction” > click “suspense date” > click “assign to” > click “priority” > click “category” > Click “ok” > creates activity note in customers record 

Video: (time: 1:45-2:49) 

How to automatically have Hawksoft create a suspense (task) from downloads:

Click top right “settings icon” > Click “download configurations” > Click on the tab you would like to set up download rules for: personal/commercial > create whichever rule you would like for it to create an automatic rule 

Video on how to create automatic tasks: (time: 0:00 - 1:45) 

How to run a “task”(Tasks are called suspense in Hawksoft) reports in Hawksoft:

Login to hawksoft > Top left side click “reports” > Click “suspense” > bottom of pop click “suspense overview report” > List of every staff member using hawksoft will pop up it’ll give you a report total suspense for each staff member and how many are completed/incomplete 

* if the staff member has to many suspenses you can re-assign task to another staff member by clicking the “re-suspend” button on the bottom left side and click the staff member you want to assign it to


How to pull a coverage limit report (ex: every client below BI 100/300)

Go to “reports” > click “Agency intelligence” > click “policies in force” > top left click “group by: “policy title” > click on the type of policies you would like hawksoft to pull > Doble click on the policy number > Pulls a report > top right click “layout” > report lay out pop up click “add/edit” > scroll down “auto or home policy” > checkmark each coverage you want on the report > click “ok” > click finish  > updates report > click on limits and it'll put them in numerical order > select the clients you want to send a email to by holding your shift key once they are highlighted “right click” > Click new report > you can batch email or click on each clients record 

Video: (time: :08 - 1:55) 

How to pull Monoline Policy report:

Go to “reports” > click “Agency intelligence” > Click on “no active auto or no active which ever policies youll like > double click on number for it tol pull client report > you can batch email or click on each clients record 

Video: (time: 2:00 - 2:30) 

How to send batch email: 

Pull the report > top left Click “file” > click send email


How to run a Quoted-Not-Sold Report: 

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