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    • Thu, February 20, 2020
    • 2:00 PM
    • Wed, February 26, 2020
    • 11:30 PM

    On-Demand Webinar: How to add 10 Million Revenue to your Insurance Agency in 3 to 5 Years.

    In 90 Minutes, Dr. Billy R. Williams will teach you the foundation of what it takes to add $10 Million in Revenue to your insurance Agency in the next 3 – 5 years.

    This webinar looks at the products, technology, workflows, KPIs, accountability, and math that must be in place to add $10 Million in Revenue to an insurance agency.

    After attending this webinar, if you don’t see increased revenue in your agency within days, it is because of one of three reasons:

    1. You are too lazy to do what needs to be done in the agency,

    2. You are not a good agency leader and have little to no influence over the staff actions and activities in your agency,

    3. You are an excuse maker and will always find an excuse why things that work for everyone around you don’t work for you.

    Dr. Billy R. Williams President of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring (A Williams Investment Group Company) and the senior instructor of the “Fix My Insurance Agency” Best Practices Workshop.

    Dr. Williams has a direct investment in over 160 insurance agencies around the world. These agencies produce over a billion dollars a year in new and renewal premiums.

    In addition, he works with and tracks the results of 100’s of insurance agencies that are members of the Inspire a Nation Insurance Agent Mentoring program.

    Dr. Billy R. Williams is an insurance expert and a noted authority on what it takes to build and grow insurance agencies.

    He is the author of “How to Build a $10 Million P&C Insurance Agency,” which is almost required reading in the Insurance Industry.

    He is the senior instructor of the “Fix My Insurance Agency” 2-Day Insurance Agency Best Practices Implementation Workshop

    (See for workshop dates and information)

    This is a webinar you don’t want to miss!

    • Thu, February 27, 2020
    • 8:30 AM
    • Fri, February 28, 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Hilton Garden Inn South, Arlington, Texas

    The "Fix My Insurance Agency"  BEST PRACTICES Process Implementation Workshop.


    We welcome all of the solution providers that will be on hand during the workshop to help with implementation of processes.

    Upcoming Workshop Dates:

    If you register, pay, and can't make the posted dates, we will transfer your registration to one of the remaining 2020 workshops.

    (Thursday - Friday) February 27 - 28, 2020  

    (Monday - Tuesday) April 27-28, 2020

    (Monday - Tuesday) June 15 -16, 2020

    (Monday - Tuesday) October 26 - 27, 2020

    (Monday - Tuesday) November 16 -17, 2020


    $1290.00/Non-Inspire a Nation Member Agency (2 Live Attendees, Unlimited Agency Staff Webinar Attendees)

    Non-Member Price Includes a One-Year Level 1 Insurance Agent Mentoring Membership!

    Active Inspire a Nation Member Prices

    (All registrations include 2 Live Attendees, Unlimited Agency Staff Webinar Attendees)

    Level 1 Active Member - $299.00/Agency

    Level 2 Active Monthly Members - $249.00/Agency

    All Current Annual Membership levels - No Cost!

    Workshop dates MUST fall within the dates of the Annual Membership.


    (All Registrations: 2 Live Attendees, Unlimited Agency Staff Webinar Attendees)

    Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    (7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Day 1 - Additional Implementation Support)



    Hilton Garden Inn South
    521 East Interstate 20, Arlington, TX 76018
    Phone: 817-557-8233

    Additional Information

    Each paid registration allows two people to attend the workshop! The free guest MUST be an employee of the registering agency.


    1. Bring the total number of leads, quotes, and sales (by policy count) the agency generated in 2019. One of the first tasks will will accomplish is to determine the agency's quote to close ratio and how many cold and warm leads they agency must generate to reach their 2020 sales goals;

    2. A staff member that will assist you with implementing processes in the agency; (Operations Manager is preferred);

    3. A Laptop or Tablet with a power strip and wifi capabilities;

    4. Logon and Passwords for your agency management system, marketing tools, and email tools;

    5. A burning desire to implement the best processes available in your insurance agency;

    6. A great attitude that checks your ego at the door!

    Thanks for registering and we are looking forward to seeing you!

    Best regards,
    Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring

    Along with the best implementation training available in the insurance industry, each registered agency receives

    1. (Non-Member $1290 Registration Only) 

    A One Year Inspire a Nation Level One Insurance Agent Mentoring Membership w Full Access to the Inspire a Nation Video and Document Library and One-on-One Web Mentoring Sessions

    2.  Best Practice Email and Voice Script Templates

    3. An E-Signature Ready Declined Coverage Form

    4.  A Step-by-Step Basic Chat Bot Script that can be easily modified for your agency and the products you sell

    5. Hands On Process Implementation Support during the 2-day workshop and from 7 PM - 10 PM Day 1 of the workshop

    Here is the actual format for the Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Fix My Insurance Agency Implementation Workshop:

    1.      Agents work with a battle buddy to help get stuff done;

    2.      Agents are given a list of technology tools and automated tasks that should be in place to perform the best practice processes;

    3.      We walk through the technology and automation tools currently in use in the agency to verify or identify if the tool can perform actions such as email or letter merge, automatically send drip emails based on a triggering event such as an upcoming policy renewal or reported claim, send a text message, etc.;

    4.      We walk through the 23 core processes an insurance agency must have in place to be successful;

    Each conversation, tasks, or process on the 23 Core Processes list had to generate or save an agency $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) in a 36-month period in order to make the cut.

    5.      We break down each process into numbered tasks based on Inspire a Nation best practice recommendations;

    6.      Each numbered task is implemented in real time right there in the workshop;

    7.      If the current technology or automation can’t perform the tasks, we teach you a manual way of doing it, or we modify the process to fit what your agency can or can’t get done.

    Many attendees have reported that they got more tasks, processes, and automation implemented in the two days of the workshop than they got implemented in the previous two years inside the insurance agency.

    If you are serious about getting the best processes and best practices in place to grow your insurance agency, you should attend an upcoming Fix My Insurance Agency Implementation Workshop. (

    We will change your business habits!

    Use an Assembly Line Approach to Building an Insurance Agency

    Text "EZinspire" to 313131 to see the video or listen to the podcast or watch the full training video by clicking here

    Our goal at Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring is to add $10 Million in revenue to your agency in 3 - 5 years. That can't happen without an assembly line approach to growing your agency.

    The stations of an insurance agency assembly line include:
    1. Carriers ><Niche 
    2. Products >
    3. 5 Best Prospects > 
    4. Triggers >
    5. Prospect List > 
    6. 10 Main Marketing Methods >
    7. 10 Core Technology and Automation Tools
    8. Lead Tracking Methods and Tools >
    9.  Follow-Up Methods, Timelines, and Technology >
    10. Block off time on Calendar
    11. New Customer Process >  
    12. Service Processes > 
    13. Claims Process > 
    14. Retention Process
    15. Staffing (Hiring/Training/Accountability)
    16. HR/Payroll/Bonuses/Commissions
    17. Billing/Accounting
    18. Taxes

    “The Fix My Insurance Agency” Workshop Q and A

    Q. How much does the workshop cost?

    A. Non Inspire a Nation Members = $1290/Agency (2 Live Attendees, Unlimited Agency Staff Live Webinar Attendees, One-Year Level One Insurance Agent Mentoring Membership)

    Active Inspire a Nation Members

    Level 1 Active Members = $299/Agency (2 Live Attendees, Unlimited Agency Staff Webinar Attendees)

    Level 2 Active Members = $249/Agency (2 Live Attendees, Unlimited Agency Staff Webinar Attendees)

    Active Annual Members - No Cost!

    (Workshop Dates MUST fall within the dates of the annual membership)

    Q. What do you mean by “unlimited agency staff live webinar attendees?”

    A. Each hour-long session will be broadcast live via webinar. This will allow agency staff that could not physically attend the live session to be included in the training.

    Q. Who are the sponsors?

    A. For 2020 workshops we have selected specific solution providers to be on-sight for implementation support.

    This will help facilitate the implementation of specific processes, tools, and technology such as your agency management system, text message tools, agency mobile apps, virtual assistants, and other solutions.

    Q. What do I need to bring with me?

    A. We recommend:

    1. Bring the total number of leads, quotes, and sales (by policy count) the agency generated in 2019. One of the first tasks will will accomplish is to determine the agency's quote to close ratio and how many cold and warm leads they agency must generate to reach their 2020 sales goals.

    1. One additional staff member besides the registrant to learn the processes and steps; (We strongly recomend that the agency's operations manager attend the workshop!)

    2. A laptop with access to your agency management tools, carrier websites, and email account;

    3. Log ons and passwords;

    4. A strong desire to learn how to improve your agency!

    Q. How will the rest of my staff get access to the workshop topics and step-by-step training?

    A. We will simultaneously teach the live workshop class and a live webinar class. The agency staff that can't make the live workshop should attend via the live webinar.

    Q. Is there a limit to the number of agencies that can attend?

    A. Yes! We will only allow 100 registered agencies to attend per workshop. 

    Why you ask? Because more than 100 and we lose the ability to scale the workshop in a way that allows us to personalize the 23 core processes for each agency.

    Q. Do I have to attend multiple workshops?

    A. No. Each two-day workshop is a stand-alone workshop. Simply choose the workshop date that works best for you.

    Q. Where can I get a sample of the way Inspire a Nation teaches and get a better understanding of what Inspire a Nation brings to the table?

    A. Check out some of our videos, podcast, and interviews at 

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