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The Data & Marketing Super Center - Automated Marketing Assistant CRM

The Ultimate Web Based Data Management and Marketing System!

Q. What is the #1 reason small businesses don't produce more sales and retention numbers?

A. Lack of consistent, automated, effective communication!


Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring solved this problem by delivering an easy to use, powerful, low-cost, Automated Marketing Assistant CRM to the marketplace.

See how easy it is to use the Data Super Center!

This is the perfect low cost data management and marketing automation tool for small businesses such as: mortgage brokers, real estate agents, MLM participants, home based businesses, and small businesses with less than 5 full time employees.

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Note to Insurance Agents: The Data Super Center  was commissioned for non-insurance based small businesses. Our system is a closed and secure system (It does not API with outside tools such as raters and agency management systems and all of the functions below sync within the system) 

There are a ton of InsurTech software and tools available to the insurance industry. If you are an insurance agent we strongly suggest you research all available options prior to choosing  the Data and Marketing Super Center - Automated Marketing Assistant

The Data and Marketing Super Center Automated Marketing Assistant CRM was built for small businesses by successful small business leaders!

The Data Super Center Monthly Subscription Fee is waived for Level 2 I.A.N. Monthly Members (Small Agency Only) When the level 2 membership is canceled the monthly DMSC subscription returns to full price. Membership Pricing

If you are an Insurance Agent . . . Stop! 

Are you good with technology? 

Will you make the time to properly learn the system? 

Do you completely understand that we do not want you to try to use the Data Super Center as an Agency Management Tool? It is designed exclusively for marketing. It should not contain personal information such as SSN# and it will NOT link to your rater.

Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring STRONGLY recommends that you research other insuretech tools that will API with your existing rater or agency management tool before choosing the Data Super Center? Our concern is that you will try to use our tool for insurance agency management tasks and not for marketing!

Click here to sign up for the Data and Marketing Super Center - Automated Marketing Assistant

Here are just a few of the features that are part of the Data and Marketing Super Center - Automated Marketing Assistant: 

Click here to see some short (under 4 mins) videos about the Data Super Center

Inspire a Nation provided Automated WorkFlows and Auto-Run Tasks Plans (Action Plans) are pre built for you. Functionality like the New Customer Automated Contact Tasks and Automatic Prospect Follow-up Tasks allow you to send email templates, landing pages, and video emails by simply assigning a pre-built workflow plan. 

Lead Capturing Landing Pages

Make your own Landing Pages to capture contact info from your website visitors. Start with a beautiful template, then customize the wording, decide which data fields to capture, and then publish it on the web. You can do this yourself in a matter of minutes. A contact record with flags and notes is automatically created when a form is completed.

Autoresponders (Drip Emails)

The Data and Marketing Super Center will send your selected email templates on a schedule you choose. You can quickly start and stop autoresponders based on the activity of a contact such as calling into your office, clicking on a link in an email, or sending a text message to your VTAR (VoiceTouch Automated Receptionist)

2-Way Text Messaging

With the Data and Marketing Super Center you will have a text message capable phone number. After a contact sends you the initial text message, a record is created if they don’t have an existing record in the system, and you can send 2-way text. The information inside the text messages is captured and retrievable just like an email.


Recorded Message Marketing

The Data and Marketing Super Center comes with the VoiceTouch Automated Receptionist. Starting with a local or toll free phone number (you easily select from within the tool), your automated receptionist will create contact records, start or stop tasks and emails, instantly add notes and flags, and allow you to easily link a marketing campaign to one of the unlimited phone extensions we provide.


Social Media Integration

The Data and Marketing Super Center will automatically search the web for your contact's social media sites based on the email inside the system and then display the results right there next to your contact's photo. Just add their email address, and Social Connector will do the rest.


Easy Contact Filtering

OK, so you have 5000 contacts in your what? Imagine if you could filter that list by "Hot Prospect", or "Former Customer" or "likes heavy starch" or "Loves Dogs", etc... you get the idea. In the Data and Marketing Super Center you can categorize and flag your clients anyway you want to, create your own custom fields and then easily sort and segment your list in seconds

Monthly Newsletter that is ready to send to your contacts

Each month a new newsletter is added to your system that is professionally designed and ready to send to your contacts. The newsletters have topics such as "Recipe of the month" Brain Teasers, and other interesting topics.

Google Calendar Integration

Keep track of your appointments in our easy-to-use Google integrated calendar. See daily, weekly and monthly views, drag and drop appointments, and even see and view your contacts from within the calendar.

Easy Mail and Email Merge

Ever try to mail-merge your contact info into a letter in Excel or Word? The Data and Marketing Super Center makes this process super simple. Your letters and emails look professional, custom, and you can do it yourself in seconds.

Video Email

Stand out from the crowd by sending Video Emails. Video Emails are considerably more effective than traditional emails. The Data and Marketing Super Center makes creating and sending Video Emails Super Simple.


Agenda Assistant

With the Agenda Assistant, the Data and Marketing Super Center will send you an email each morning to tell you when you have appointments, to-do’s, client birthdays and more.


Birthday Assistant

Remembering your client's birthdays is a great way to show you really care about them - on a personal level. The Birthday Assistant will automatically send your client a birthday email or set up a To Do to remind you of this important event.


As we said, this is only a few of the features that are part of the Data and Marketing Super Center!

By completing the membership registration process you acknowledge that while there are no contracts, all sales are final and no refunds will be provided. If you cancel you will still have full membership benefits until the end date of your selected membership level. (Example: You enroll on  March 1st and cancel your PayPal recurring payment on March 10th, your membership access and benefits will run through March 31.)

Your membership benefits and payment auto-draft will end on the last day of your selected membership level once you have notified Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring that you want to cancel or suspend your membership by: manually canceling your auto-draft in your PayPal account, sending an email to, or calling to 682-200-1808 and informing us that you want to cancel or suspend your membership prior to an auto-draft date. (Example: You notify us on March 10th that you want to cancel your membership prior to your next auto-draft paymet being processed on March 25th. Your March 25th payment will not be processed and you will have full member benefits and access till midnight March 24th.)

The Data and Marketing Super Center CRM  (Marketing Campaign Manager)

Cost: $74.95/month (Price includes ALL of the features and functionality shown below

This low cost, easy to use Automated Marketing Assistant (CRM) is the most advanced, low cost, high functionality Automated Marketing Assistant available to a small business today.

In today's fast paced environment a small business must automate to keep pace with their competitors. Every minute you spend managing your prospects by spreadsheet or not using technology such as business text messaging, social networking, web forms, landing pages, and trigger based automated emails, is a day that you fall further behind your competition. Yes you heard me right, you are trading a minute for a day.

Built in functionality such as a dedicated business phone number, 2-way business text messaging, drip email, pre-built landing pages, video email, and deal tracking are only a few of the amazing tools that the DMSC provides to a small business.

It has all of the tools and functionality that you would normally spends $100's or $1000's per month to use, provided it in one easy-to-use MCM.

Cost: $74.95/Month

"For years I tried to get businesses to hire a high school or college kid to come in a few hours a week to help implement marketing processes such as drip email, text messaging, social networking, web forms, and video email.

After hearing every excuse you could imagine:

“I haven’t had the time to contact any schools” (Though there was almost no production in the business?)

"I can't afford part-time help",

"I don't have time to train them",

"I am not a good manager of people",

"I don't know any high school or college age kids",

“The folks from the school won’t call me back”  

"What's the point? Marketing doesn't work for me and I have tried everything" 

This system replaces the high school/college kid & automates almost every process we teach at Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring. 

Now what's your excuse?" Dr. Billy R. Williams - President, Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring

There are 3 different versions of the Data and Marketing Super Center - Automated Marketing Assistant CRM:

General Business Version: The Data Super Center is the perfect contact management and marketing tool for a small business such as an Attorney, Wedding/Event Planner, Photographer, or Work From Home Business. You can easily customize the look, feel, templates, and marketing functionality to match your business. $74.95/Month

Inspire a Nation Member Insurance Agency Version: In this version many of the Inspire a Nation templates are pre-loaded into the Data Super Center, and the system links directly to the Inspire a Nation Video and Document Library. Now you can easily implement the processes and workflows that generate over $600 Million a year in new and renewal premium for the partner agencies of the Williams Family Investment Group. $74.95/Month

Non I.A.N. Member Insurance Agency Version: This version of the Data Super Center comes with fields that are customized for an insurance agency. Inspire a Nation provides some templates, but you can easily add email templates, forms, landing pages, and documents you currently use in your agency. $74.95/Month

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Data Super Center - Q and A 

(Call to hear a brief recorded message about the DMSC - 682-200-1808 Ext 1)

Q. When will the system be available?

A. The system is available now!

Q. How much will the system cost?

A. $74.95/month for active Inspire a Nation members and $74.95/month for Non Members. ($25.00/month for each Team Member added to the Master Account)

Q. What is the main difference between a Master Account and a Team Member Account?

A. The Master Account is the controlling account and has access to everything including the ability to: create and modify all templates, send an email blast to all contacts in the system, import and export contacts, control all billing information, cancel the service, and change the access rights to all team member accounts.

A team member only has access to the information and functions that the master account holder allows. This access can be as broad or as limited as the Master Account Holder chooses

Q. If I am not an Inspire a Nation member can I still use the Data Super Center?

A. Yes. We have a version that you can completely personalize for your agency and that will not have any of the Inspire a Nation workflows and templates pre-loaded.

Q. If I am not in the insurance industry can I still use the Data Super Center?

A. Yes. I wanted a system that any small business in any profession could use for data management, workflow creation, and marketing. Right now we are not only using it in the insurance field for our beta testing, but in a dry cleaners, vet clinic, pizzeria, and a clothing store.

Q. Is there hardware I have to buy and maintain

A. No. This is a web based system that is accessible any place that has internet and/or Wi-Fi.

If you have additional questions about the Data Super Center please email us at

or call us at 682-200-1808 Ext. 1

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