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ONE WEEK UNTIL Inspire a Nation will host a Virtual 2 - Day Fix My Insurance Agency Process Implementation Workshop on Monday and Tuesday Jan 31, 2022 - Feb 1, 2022. Registration Opens Dec 1, 2021(Why Virtual? So all agency staff and team members can attend!)

Active Members: Look at the new "Process Overview Mini-Videos" that we are adding to the Module Completion Trackers. Start with Module One!

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Here are videos that explain a few of the features that are part of the Data and Marketing Super Center - Automated Marketing Assistant: 

Inspire a Nation provided Automated WorkFlows and Auto-Run Tasks Plans (Action Plans) are pre built for you. Functionality like the New Customer Automated Contact Tasks and Automatic Prospect Follow-up Tasks allow you to send email templates, landing pages, and video emails by simply assigning a pre-built workflow plan. 

Easy to Build Automated WorkFlows

Lead Capturing Landing Pages

Make your own Landing Pages to capture contact info from your website visitors. Start with a beautiful template, then customize the wording, decide which data fields to capture, and then publish it on the web. You can do this yourself in a matter of minutes. A contact record with flags and notes is automatically created when a form is completed.

Autoresponders (Drip Emails)

The Data and Marketing Super Center will send your selected email templates on a schedule you choose. You can quickly start and stop autoresponders based on the activity of a contact such as calling into your office, clicking on a link in an email, or sending a text message to your VTAR (VoiceTouch Automated Receptionist)

2-Way Text Messaging

With the Data and Marketing Super Center you will have a text message capable phone number. After a contact sends you the initial text message, a record is created if they don’t have an existing record in the system, and you can send 2-way text. The information inside the text messages is captured and retrievable just like an email.


Recorded Message Marketing

The Data and Marketing Super Center comes with the VoiceTouch Automated Receptionist. Starting with a local or toll free phone number (you easily select from within the tool), your automated receptionist will create contact records, start or stop tasks and emails, instantly add notes and flags, and allow you to easily link a marketing campaign to one of the unlimited phone extensions we provide.


Social Media Integration

The Data and Marketing Super Center will automatically search the web for your contact's social media sites based on the email inside the system and then display the results right there next to your contact's photo. Just add their email address, and Social Connector will do the rest.


Easy Contact Filtering

OK, so you have 5000 contacts in your what? Imagine if you could filter that list by "Hot Prospect", or "Former Customer" or "likes heavy starch" or "Loves Dogs", etc... you get the idea. In the Data and Marketing Super Center you can categorize and flag your clients anyway you want to, create your own custom fields and then easily sort and segment your list in seconds

Monthly Newsletter that is ready to send to your contacts

Each month a new newsletter is added to your system that is professionally designed and ready to send to your contacts. The newsletters have topics such as "Recipe of the month" Brain Teasers, and other interesting topics.

Google Calendar Integration

Keep track of your appointments in our easy-to-use Google integrated calendar. See daily, weekly and monthly views, drag and drop appointments, and even see and view your contacts from within the calendar.

Easy Mail and Email Merge

Ever try to mail-merge your contact info into a letter in Excel or Word? The Data and Marketing Super Center makes this process super simple. Your letters and emails look professional, custom, and you can do it yourself in seconds.

Video Email

Stand out from the crowd by sending Video Emails. Video Emails are considerably more effective than traditional emails. The Data and Marketing Super Center makes creating and sending Video Emails Super Simple.


Agenda Assistant

With the Agenda Assistant, the Data and Marketing Super Center will send you an email each morning to tell you when you have appointments, to-do’s, client birthdays and more.


Birthday Assistant

Remembering your client's birthdays is a great way to show you really care about them - on a personal level. The Birthday Assistant will automatically send your client a birthday email or set up a To Do to remind you of this important event.


As we said, this is only a few of the features that are part of the Data and Marketing Super Center!

The Inspire a Nation Data and Marketing Super Center

Data Super Center - Getting Started

Data Super Center - Adding Contacts

Loading Contact by Spreadsheet Using Flags, Categories, and Sources

Sending and Managing Email in the Data Super Center

Automated To-Do Tasks and WorkFlows

 The Data and Marketing Super Center - Automated Marketing Assistant Videos

Active Inspire a Nation Members: You can upload templates, workflows, and processes that were not originally built into your version of the Data Super Center such as the Claims Process, New Customer Process, Policy Review Autoresponders and other processes by using the "Samples Tab" found in the email, letter, To-Do, WorkFlow, and landing page area.

Starting Again in January 2022, Active Member Agency Virtual Training: The 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 12:00 PM Central (1 PM Eastern, 11 PM Mountain, 10 AM Pacfic).

All live sessions are recorded and available 24 x 7!

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