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Which Insurance Coaching and Mentoring Program is right for you?

Tue, August 11, 2020 6:56 AM | Billy R. Williams, PhD. (Administrator)

Which Insurance Coaching and Mentoring Program is right for me?

This is a question that I get asked daily.

Insurance Agents are bombarded with emails and social media posts from insurance coaches, gurus, and other insurance agents touting their lead generation services, CRM tools, Agency Management Systems, and other things that will help an agency improve its operations.

Those options become even more confusing when an agent attends multiple conferences and workshops and is bombarded with all of the tools, services, and programs presented by the sponsors and vendors.

To make it easier to understand and make a decision concerning insurance coaching and mentoring, and because it is education, I am going to compare choosing the right insurance mentoring program to an average student’s education journey.

I will also give you the names of some of the coaches and programs that I personally recommend.

All students have to go through elementary, middle, and high school (k – 12) classes to learn the necessary foundations that will be used for college and advanced education degrees and programs.

Kindergarten – 12 Grade = Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring -

In my opinion, the lessons, processes, and foundations that you learn in k – 12 will have the most lasting impact on your life. They are so crucial that to enroll in some college courses, you had to take specific high school courses, or you have to take a remedial 100 level college class to prepare for the course.

Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring is the K – 12 of the insurance industry mentoring world. Inspire a Nation teaches the 20 Core areas of running an insurance agency that is the foundation of building a $10 Million Revenue Insurance Agency (Independent) or a $10 Million Premium Agency (Captive).

K – 12 teaches everything from vowels and sentence structure to advanced calculus, the Inspire a Nation mentoring program teaches every aspect of running a successful insurance agency including how to interview, hire, and pay staff, marketing and lead management, technology use, and core agency processes such endorsements, claims, rate increases, and retention.

Just like a k -12 program, The Inspire a Nation Mentoring Program has something for all categories of learners and implementers. Some agents require a lot more hand-holding and one-on-one tutoring, some agents will blow off the classes and have to repeat specific topics and lessons, some agents will get through as an average student, and some agents will use the program as a stepping stone to more advanced business operations.

Once you get past high school, college opens up an entirely new level of educational and networking opportunities. Insurance mentoring has the same opportunities just on a professional level. You can get specialized classes, unique learning opportunities, and amazing groups and networks to join.

Specialty and Advanced Programs

Some people will take their K – 12 education and go on to become very successful. In contrast, some people feel they need more training or more specialized instruction to reach their full potential.

The insurance industry has programs that cater to every specialty, product, and curriculum imaginable.

Want to know how to use LinkedIn to generate business? Check out Walt Goshert

Want to know how to write more commercial insurance? Check out David Carothers Mick Hunt

Want training on a specific process such as policy reviews or staff tracking? Check out Kelly Donahue-Piro

Need to affiliate with a group of Forward-Thinkers? Check out Jason Cass Ryan Hanley

Need amazing tools and technology to help you grow your agency? Check out the following vendors and categories:

Agency Mobile App: Insurance Agent App:

Agency Management System: Hawksoft Agency Management Software:

Electronic Payment Tool: ePayPolicy:

Lead Management/CRM Tools: AgencyZoom: and InsuredMine:

Digital Form Management and Commercial Insurance Renewals: Indio Digital Forms -

Insurance Specific Virtual Assistants: AGENCY V.A. - Virtual Assistants -

Insurance Specific Phone Systems: Lightspeed Voice:

The categories and lists could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

So, which mentoring program is right for your agency? The one that you need based on where you are in your insurance career journey.

Do you need to go back and retake some of the K – 12 classes to move your agency forward?

Are you ready for specialized training and mentoring?

Do you need to join some groups and networks to keep you motivated and exposed to new advances in the insurance industry?

If you need to assess where you are in running your agency, complete these two items:

Hopefully, I’ve given you enough information and options for insurance coaching and mentoring that you can now go out and choose the best program for you and your agency!

Billy R. Williams, Ph.D., President: Inspire a Nation Business Mcentoring

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