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Here is what an insurance agency needs to do during this Coronavirus slowdown

Mon, March 23, 2020 5:12 PM | Billy R. Williams, PhD. (Administrator)

Here is what an insurance agency needs to do during this Coronavirus slowdown:

  • 1.      Make a team training and process spot-check calendar for the agency: This is especially important if you have remote staff!

  • 2.      Walk through the customer journey from a Lead to new customer, to policy change, to claims, to renewal process, to policy review;

  • 3.      Identify which tasks can be done from home by a remote worker;

  • 4.      Identify which tech and automation can and should be used such as: ActivTrak to monitor staff computers, Slack or Teams for instant communication, Zoom for Quote and Service videos, EZTexting to make your landline text capable;

  • 5.      Identify how you plan on communicating with your prospects and customers: phone, texting, email, video, conference calls, etc.,

  • 6.      Train and role play one process per day with your team by conference call or zoom video,

  • 7.      Set up some type of instant messaging tool like slack, teams, ring central, etc., to communicate with your team;

  • 8.      Communicating and training with your team on a daily basis for a few minutes will keep them from feeling isolated, keep them engaged, provide help with understanding how to continue doing their job in an effective manner, and keep them accountable to the team;

  • 9.      Prospect, prospect, prospect! Pick up the phone and call customers and point out policy weaknesses, email former customers and old leads, contact potential business referral partners, purchase an x-date mailing list, write website articles and blogs, etc.

"Everyone is unsure of what is going to happen and how long this pandemic will last, so sales numbers will probably drop, but now is NOT the time to stop prospecting, Things will bounce back and when they do, your consistency will pay off. Remember this Billyism “Consistency always looks like success from the outside view!”

  • 10.    (Shameless plug) Download the 27 page work-from-home handbook I am giving away as part of my Freemium membership

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