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Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring


The Elite, Online Based, Step-by-Step Focused Insurance Agent Coaching and Mentoring Company.

Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring is a Williams Investment Group Company.

Williams Investment Group is a group of more than 160 partner agencies that produce over a billion dollars a year in new and renewal insurance premiums.

Because our mentoring is taught by investors who are also insurance agents, we mentor you to be a better insurance agency leader, how to locate, hire, train, and utilize staff in the agency, how to increase agency customer retention numbers, and how to implement the best automated tasks, agency processes, and insuretech tools that will not only make you a great agency, but will also make your agency more valuable if you needed to get a loan or sell it one day.


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The Fix My Insurance Agency Process Implementation Virtual Workshop is now On Demand!

3 - Day (On Demand) Fix My Insurance Agency Process Implementation Virtual Workshop

Free for Active Inspire a Nation Members

$399.00 (One-Time) for non-member insurance agencies

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Q. Who is Dr. Billy R. Williams and why should I listen to him?

A. Read the "ABOUT US PAGE" and watch the video below. 

"How to Make Your Insurance Agency Investment Worthy"

The Primary Goal of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring

Our goal at Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring is to add $10 Million in revenue to your insurance agency in 3 - 5 years.

We accomplish this by teaching you the Best Practice Processes that will turn every Team Member (Licensed or Unlicensed), Task, Template, Tool, and Workflow that you use in your agency into a Revenue Generator while still providing an Exceptional Customer Service Experience!


That can't happen without an assembly line approach to growing your agency.

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We began working with Dr. Williams approximately 9 months ago and after each mentoring session we continue to identify ways we are a better agency. The keys to Dr. Williams program are his patient, methodical approach, maintaining a consistent training commitment and auditing KPI's to hold management and employees accountable for following through and implementing the standards and processes developed. Well worth the fee and well worth the time our employees invest in the mentoring sessions.

Terry Robinson - Morrow Insurance Henderson NC

After spending some time with Inspire a Nation's free content I decided it was time to invest in their highest tier of mentorship (working directly with Billy). I'm glad we did! Billy has confidently gone head to head with me on every challenge presented and we're already seeing lifts in our processes, capabilities, standards and expansion. Billy is doing the work to raise our floor and ceiling as we are taking the next big step in our growth as an organization. Thank you sir, keep it up!

Matt Snowden - Agency Owner 

I spent two days at Billy's workshop in Arlington. It was absolutely fantastic. I have been to a lot of workshops and this is the only one where the host sits down with you and works through the processes with you. He helps you set up everything that you need or want to work on. It is a great intimate setting and it is well worth your time.

Curtis Ostler - Agency Owner

Bob Klee, CPRIA

President at Kelly Klee Private Insurance

I went as a guest to help my best friend & was blown away! I had no idea this type of Quality training was available to agents! Billy R Williams, PhD, is a master trainer/motivator! You were there all Monday evening, helping, encouraging us to make the processes you just showed us during the day, ours, by building the templates you showed us during our first days training into our AMS. Wow, I've never experienced this in my Insurance career.   Then you did a live claims followup call for one of the agents attending & showed us how easy it is, if one follows your process, to turn a claim into an opportunity! You are the Master at building simple processes that if followed, will help an agent get to a $10 Million book of business sooner vs. later.  If you want to grow your agency faster, take advantage of what Billy offers at hashtag#InspireANation  Billy, it was my pleasure to meet you & go through your training this week. Thank you.

Just went to Fix my insurance agency workshop and have been able to implement several of the 23 core processes that were lacking in our agency
Well worth the time.

Andy Roy

I've attended a lot of workshops over the years and this was the first and only one to actually help me implement changes during the workshop!  I've got actual processes to follow and proven ways to get from point A to point B every time.  It also helped me take the emotion out of tough decisions.

Brian Bernth

We had the opportunity to participate in the Fix my Insurance Agency workshop. It was amazing! We are an estate planning law firm. Most of the information was relevant to building and automating a business. Getting, caring and retaining clients and processes that impact. Great implementation process.

Aimee Griffin

Dr. Billy Williams' mentoring program is exactly what we needed. He has systems and processes that makes growing your agency fun and exciting. The systems and processes work and they make everything easier. We really like that the systems are step by step.

While attending the Elevate ‘18 Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, I was able to see Billy Williams present. He has an amazing way of connecting with the audience and puts concepts into ways that really engages with those in attendance. One thing I took away from his speech when discussing leading others, was the concept of not having to love your job, but the job has to support what you love. If you have an opportunity to see him speak, don’t miss out!

John Bachmann

I listened to Billy speak at the AI Brainshare Event in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. His laser focus on improving agencies through effective management of agency personnel was hard to miss. If you are willing to commit your time and energy toward improving your agency, his mentoring will get you across the finish line. As Billy would say, "It's not easy but it is simple".

See many more testimonials on our Testimonials Page or on Google by searching "Williams Family Investment Group + Mansfield,TX"


"We have one job as an insurance agent  . . . offer the coverage that will best protect our customer's quality of life should they ever have to file a claim! If we don't wake up every day mentally prepared to do our one job . . . we are a sorry excuse for an insurance agent! Hearing or reading what I just said might piss you off, but in your head and in your heart, you know I'm right.

Billy R. Williams' Ph.D. 

Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring is an approved continuing education provider with the Texas Department of Insurance.

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