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10 Things Arrogant People Refuse To Do

Sun, July 05, 2020 9:47 AM | Billy R. Williams, PhD. (Administrator)

10 Things Arrogant People Refuse To Do

Ego is what you do; Arrogance is what you refuse to do; 

Both Ego and Arrogance are primarily built on your insecurities;

Ego makes you work to overcome your insecurities, Arrogance makes you work to hide and deny your insecurities;

Ego makes you attack yourself when you feel like you could do better;

Arrogance makes you attack others that you feel are doing better than you;

There is Good Arrogance and Bad Arrogance. This blog post will look at bad Arrogance and 10 Things the people that practice bad Arrogance refuse to do.

My dad used to say, "Arrogant people have a teaspoon of self-discipline, a tablespoon of success, and an ocean full of emotions, assumptions, and opinions." 

He used to also say, "An arrogant person's pockets are never empty because they are always filled with pride!" 

Ego makes you work your butt off to get straight A's in high school, Arrogance makes you cut so many classes you almost fail high school; 

Ego makes you read a book every week or two so you can learn new things, Arrogance makes you avoid or blow off any opportunity to learn something new; 

Ego makes you want to learn your job or career better than all of your peers, Arrogance makes you just learn enough to keep from getting fired; 

Ego makes you work to increase your vocabulary, and the amount of words you understand and use, Arrogance makes you only talk about the few things you do know with people that only know as much or less than you do; 

Arrogance also makes you fill in the vocabulary gap with curse words and insults since you don't know anything else to say;

A good healthy Ego is based on experience, successes, and common sense, which all lead to real confidence;

A bad, unhealthy Arrogance is based on emotions, insecurities, and too much pride; 

I could go on and on about ego and Arrogance, so let's look at 10 things Arrogant people do.

 1. Arrogant people refuse to: Admit their faults and weaknesses. It is always someone else's fault why things happened the way they did; 

2. Arrogant people refuse to: Stop letting emotion guide their decisions. Most of their discussions or debates start with "I thought, I figured, I just guessed, and I assumed;" 

3. Arrogant people refuse to: Put in the work to educate themselves on the things that can make a difference in their life by reading a book, asking questions, or taking a class; They skim over information, half-listen to conversations and information, but spew misinformation with a ton of fake confidence; 

4. Arrogant people refuse to: Sacrifice for their long-term goals. Because they tend to have so few real accomplishments in life, they put a lot of value in at least getting what they want in the short-term, even if it hurts them in the long-term; 

5. Arrogant people refuse to: Manage their time to get the most accomplished. Having fun, relaxing, and complaining take priority over everything else when it comes to their time; 

6. Arrogant people refuse to: Stop pointing out other people's flaws and weaknesses. Downing and belittling others makes them feel like they are at least better than somebody;

7. Arrogant people refuse to: Stop arguing with people with much more experience, knowledge, education, and wisdom on the topic they are discussing. They tend to feel the louder they get, the more convincing they are. They never become one of the best at what they do because they are so busy fighting to justify being average, that above average is never an option; 

8. Arrogant people refuse to: Stop trying to be in charge of things and areas that they don't have the experience, knowledge, education, emotional strength, or mentality to be in charge of. Arrogance makes you believe you no more than you really do; 

9. Arrogant people refuse to: Stop defending their bad choices and decisions. They think that if they don't admit that they made a bad choice or decision, it didn't really happen. 

10. Arrogant people refuse to: Admit their life could be better if they were more disciplined, sacrificed more to reach their goals, managed their time better, followed the suggestions and guidance of people that have already accomplished what the arrogant person talks about doing, and let their actions be guided by what will help them the most instead of their emotions. 

Arrogance is a habit, and like all habits (Good or bad), if you want to change it, you have to, first of all, want to change it, and secondly, consistently put in the effort to change it. 

We all need some good arrogance in our lives, such as the refusal to mistreat other people, take hard drugs, drive drunk, or steal. 

It's the bad Arrogance I am talking about. 

Bad Arrogance will never completely go away, but with desire, effort, putting a support team around you for accountability, and some discipline, Arrogance doesn't have to be why your life never gets better. 

Readers, watchers, and listeners join in the conversation by adding to the list of what arrogant people do. 

Leave your thoughts and comments below the video, post, article, or podcast. 

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