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Creating a Job-Aid Book for your Insurance Agency

Wed, January 24, 2018 7:41 AM | Billy R. Williams, PhD. (Administrator)

The agency should have a job-aid book that gives a step by step explanation of the common and uncomon tasks and steps within the processes that happen in the agency.

The job-aid book will make it easy for staff to have a go-to source for tasks questions and answers. The job-aid book should be written in a step-by-step manner and should include screen captures and videos when available.

Tools you can use to create a job aid book

  • Ø  3-Ring Binder, Tabbed Dividers, Typed Word Document
  • Ø  Docs on a shared drive
  • Ø  Google Doc that can be shared with the entire agency
  • Ø  Docs inside of a Drop Box or EverNote account
  • Ø  A tool like Process Street that allows you to create, share, assign, and track the completion of job-aid book tasks

Suggested (Starting) Insurance Agency Job-Aid Book Tabs/Sections: 

1.   Starting the Work Day (Turning on computer programs, unforwarding the phones, checking messages, etc.)

2.   Quoting (By Carrier)

3.   Rating, and Binding (By Carrier)

4.   Endorsements (By product and carrier)

5.   Claims - Reporting. Reviewing Claims Details

6.   Communication Technology such Email, Phone, Text Messaging, etc.

7.   Contact Records and Notes (Agency Management System)

8.   Payments (By Carrier)

9.   Billing, and Accounting (By Carrier)

10.  Tracking (Production Reports, Commission Logs and Reports, Activity Logs, etc.)

11.  Marketing and Prospecting (Phone (Manual and Dial Technology) , Email, Texting, Texting, Postal Mail, Website, Web Forms, Marketing List, etc.)

12.  Closing the Workday

Example tasks that should be in your job aid book include: 

  • How to quote on various carrier's websites, 
  • how to file a claim, 
  • how to add a 5th car to a quote or policy, 
  • how to cancel a policy, 
  • how to send trailing documents to the underwriter, 
  • how to attach a declined coverage form to a customer's record etc.

A good job-aid book will make it more efficient for you to onboard new staff and train existing staff.

Developing the Agency's job-aid book is a constant and ongoing tasks. In other words . . . never stop adding to and updating the agency's job-aid book!

 We recommend that you use an online tool called "" to create your job-aid book. It has templates to get you started, and it is simple to use. Click here to access ""

Not a Techy? Here is a short video that can show you how to easily set up dividers and tabs using Microsoft Word

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