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Use computer Sticky Notes to help your training and to help your business go paperless.

Thu, December 07, 2017 8:01 AM | Billy R. Williams, PhD. (Administrator)
By Billy R. Williams, Ph.D.
President - Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring

There is a small tool that is built into every windows computer, that I use all day every day.

Insurance agents and other small business leaders (and their staff) should use this simple tool to help them:

  • keep notes from training sessions,
  • implement processes,
  • remember key talk paths they are supposed to say to customers and prospects, and,
  • keep down the clutter, mess, and disorganization that comes with too much paper on your desk.

What is this free and often forgotten tool? Computer Stick Notes.

(I know there are super tools like EverNote and OneNote that are available, but today we are just talking about windows sticky notes.)

The use of computer sticky notes is so efficient that it is now one of the first computer-based items we discuss when onboarding a new agent or a new staff member.

Sticky Notes allow you to create post-it type notes on your computer that are available to you while any application or program is running on your computer.

This simple feature allows you to:

  • ·         quickly see your notes when moving from screen to screen or tab to tab;
  • ·         copy and paste text from your sticky notes into other programs such as Word, Excel, or Powerpoint;
  • ·         retrieve important and timely information without altering your workflow or location;
  • ·         eliminate paper notes that can be easily misplaced or overlooked in the pile of paperwork on your desk

Depending on if you are using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, (Edge creates clickable hyperlinks, Google doesn’t) here are a few suggestions and nuggets of wisdom when it comes to using sticky notes:

  • ·         Keep important phone numbers such as claims advocates, underwriters, carrier reps, etc. on a single sticky note
  • ·         Save important web addresses and hyperlinks
  • ·         Save important numbers and information you will need to access when moving between the different carrier sites
  • ·         Outline talk paths for processes and tasks
  • ·         Make a quick reminder note and transfer it to your calendar or tasks list
  • ·         Make a daily to-do checklist
  • ·         Make notes about Inspire a Nation training and mentoring tips while watching a mentoring video, attending a webinar or conference call, and during your one-on-one mentoring sessions.
Here is a short video about Stick Notes

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