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Processes, Processes! Where do I start? Tips that should help

Fri, May 16, 2014 5:00 PM | Billy R. Williams, PhD. (Administrator)

Processes, Processes! Where do I start?

You probably have the best of intentions, but so far you haven’t taken nearly the amount of action in implementing processes that you would like to; For those of you that have taken action, congratulations, but don’t stop reading this blog post.

Here are some tips that will be helpful:

1.       Start with automation, not conversations

a.  Changing a person’s conversation means fighting emotional road blocks, highlights weaknesses that staff members often try to hide, and requires staff buy-in. That might be too much to bite off at first.

b.  Automation requires little to no emotion, and if you start off with small bites of automation such as email, it should be easy to deploy.


2.       Small bites of automation you can start with are:

a. Register the agency on a few local directories (Agency Quick Start 1)

b.  Send out a few birthday emails to customers and prospects that have a birthday coming up in the next week. You don’t have to create a huge birthday campaign, just use the birthday email template located in the video library and send it to a few people (The Birthday process)

c.  Create a Testimonial Request email (or mail) and send it out to a few folks. (Testimonial Campaign)

d.  Email out a few re-quote request to prospects (X-Date Process)

e.   Email out a few Customer Policy Review request to some customers coming up for renewal (Customer Policy Review Process)

3.       Get to work on hiring a marketing assistant:

a.   Part time high school or college kids work best

b.   Use our example ad located in the Marketing Assistant University

c.    Allow them to set up the automated tasks that will help drive production and retention in your agency


Start something! Once something is up and going the desire and momentum to do more will kick in.

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