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How to Effectively Staff an Insurance Agency - 3 Part Series

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HOW to EFFECTIVELY STAFF AN INSURANCE AGENCY (Including Virtual Assistants and Work from Home Team Members) 3 – PART MINI-WORKSHOP TRAINING: Mini-Workshop Session 1 How to Locate, Interview, and Hire Insurance Agency Staff (Including Virtual Assistants) We will look at: • 1. Staffing requirements for an agency based on book size and premium under management; • 2. The top 10 ways to locate and attract agency staff prospects; • 3. How to Interview Agency Staff Prospects • 4. Testing and Assessing the Agency Staff Prospect   Mini-Workshop Session 2 How to Pay, Bonus, and Commission Insurance Agency Staff • 1. How to Establish Base Pay • 2. How to add Enhanced Pay to Staff KPI’s • 3. How to Effectively use the Agency Bonus and Commission Tool Mini-Workshop Session 3 How To Properly Onboard Insurance Agency Staff and Assign KPI’s • Documents that protect the agency: Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicit, 1099 Agreements, etc. • 2. The New Staff Onboarding and Training Guide • 3. How to select the correct Agency Staff KPI’s

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