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We just added a new Level 3 "Off-Site Operations Manager" Membership! This is for Agents/Agencies that want to kick back and let the Inspire a Nation Team do all of the technology set-up, staff training, and spot-checking of KPIs. (See Details)

How to Add $10 Million in Revenue to Your Insurance Agency in 3 - 5 Years

In 90 Minutes, Dr. Billy R. Williams will teach you the foundation of what it takes to add $10 Million in Revenue to your insurance Agency in the next 3 – 5 years.

This webinar looks at the products, technology, workflows, KPIs, accountability, and math that must be in place to add $10 Million in Revenue to an insurance agency.

After attending this webinar, if you don’t see increased revenue in your agency within days, it is because of one of three reasons:

1. You are too lazy to do what needs to be done in the agency,

2. You are not a good agency leader and have little to no influence over the staff actions and activities in your agency,

3. You are an excuse maker and will always find an excuse why things that work for everyone around you don’t work for you.




Our primary goal is to mentor you on how to add $10 Million in revenue to your agency in the next 3 - 5 years.

That can only happen if you follow an assembly line approach to growing your agency.

These are the stations on the $10 Million Revenue Insurance Agency Assembly Line

The Inspire a Nation Mentoring Program will provide most of the checklists, workflows, scripts, templates, and other resources you will need to maximize the Insurance Agency Assembly Line!

1. Carriers ><Niche- Your carrier will guide you to your niche, or the agency will choose a niche and work with carriers that can support the niche.

2.Products> Your carriers and your niche(s) will determine the products that you market and sell;

3.Agency Reports> You must know your: Total Sales, Revenue per Sale, Lead to Close Percentages, Required Leads and other reports to effectively make business decisions and choose high value KPIs and activities for the agency;

4.10 Core Technology and Automation Tools> You must have tools such as an Agency Management System, Email Templates, Text Messaging, etc.,

5.5 Best Prospects> Always focus on the 5 Best Insurance Prospects:

P1. Current Customers,

P2. Referral Partners,

P3. People actively interested in your products and services (Online search, watching videos, downloading material, etc.)

P4. Former Customers

P5. People that have a possible upcoming need for your products and services (Expiring Policies, New Movers, Specific Business Types, etc.,

6.Prospect Lists> Purchased Vendor List or Agency Audit List that pinpoint specific niches and contacts

7.10 Main Marketing Methods> All marketing methods fall under 10 primary categories. The agency marketing manager/marketing assistant will utilize all 10 categories to market the agency;

8.Lead Tracking Methods and Tools> 30% of most leads fall through the cracks. Tools like your Agency Management System, Lead Management System, or a simple tracking spreadsheet must be utilized;

9. Follow-Up Methods, Timelines, and Technology> Along with a lead tracking tool the agency should have specific activities and practices for lead follow-up;

10.Calendar Blocking> The agency must block off specific days and times to accomplish important tasks. Not all agency tasks can be calendar blocked such as endorsement request, etc., but many tasks and processes in the agency can and should be calendar blocked.

11.Process Checklist and Workflows> Each tasks and process in an insurance agency should have a specific Checklist and Workflow that goes with it, Use the Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring provided checklist and workflows;

12.Staff KPI's> KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are the foundation of getting the best results from agency staff, tools, and resources;

13.New Customer Processes> The way you onboard a customer will establish the foundation of the entire relationship. A good new customer process will increase premium, increase policies, increase retention, increase referrals, and make customer service more efficient;

14.Service Processes> Admin can be quicksand in an Insurance Agency. The agency must have defined processes and accountability centered tasks in order to make admin and service work efficient and reduce the time-consuming, low ROI effect of the tasks;

15.Claims Processes> The Claims Process should be more than just a touch point, it should be a process that will increase premium, increase policies, increase retention, increase referrals, and make the customer feel informed, safe, and protected;

16.Retention Processes> Retention is the wealth building foundation of an insurance agency. It is more than re-quoting to find a cheaper price. As with all core insurance processes a good Retention Process will increase premium, increase policies, increase retention, increase referrals, and make customer service more efficient;

17.Staffing/Training/Accountability> Hiring, Training, and Accountability is one of the most important leadership-controlled aspects of operating an agency. Our program provides and Employee Handbook, Staff Training Guide, Staff Activities Checklist, and other resources that help with Staffing, Training, and Accountability.


18.Payroll/Bonuses/Commissions- We strongly recommend that all agencies implement our "Enhanced Pay" techniques 

19.Billing/Accounting> These two admin tasks are part of the quicksand that can destroy the effectiveness of an agency. While every agency has a different way of handling the billing and accounting 

20.Taxes- While the Inspire a Nation Mentoring Program does not directly help you with taxes, by following our processes, tracking, and reporting suggestions, you will be better prepared when tax time rolls around.

How to Build a $10 Million Insurance Agency in 5 Years E-Book

While we would prefer for you to get a membership and let our team help make your journey to $10 Million shorter and easier, there are many of you that want to try it on your own.

If you are truly a self starter, The $10 Million Insurance Agency E-Book can help you lay the foundation of your agency.

Click Here or on the picture above to order the E-Book

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