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 Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring

What benefits will I see if I properly utilize your Insurance Agency Mentoring Service?
  • An Increase in Effective Marketing Activities
  • An Increase in Monthly: Item, Policy, and Premium Production
  • An Increase in Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • A Reduced Number of Premium Decrease Endorsements
  • An Increase in the  Number of Premium Increase Endorsements
  • A Reduced Number of Broker of Record Request to Leave the Agency
  • An Increased Number of Broker of Record Request to Join the Agency
  • An Increase in Referrals
  • An Increase in Testimonials
  • A More Accurate and Sanitized Customer and Contact Database
  • More Efficient and Effective Use of the Agency's Technology
  • An Effective Process for Interviewing, Hiring, Training, and Accountability of Agency Staff
  • A More Profitable and Successful Agency

Q. How does Inspire a Nation accomplish the benefits you mentioned above?

A. By providing the agency and all team members of the agency:
    • The Inspire a Nation Video and Document Library. This is the most comprehensive and complete library of processes, job-aids, marketing tools, and mentoring resources available in the insurance industry specific to operating an insurance agency. If it happens in an insurance agency, it's in the video and document library!

    • Private web mentoring accountability and implementation session(s) for your agency with an Inspire a Nation process implementation specialist. We will train and role play the processes with your staff that is needed to help grow your agency.
    • Step by step: job-aids, scripts, screen captures, letter and email templates, automation and technology setup instructions, and process workflows that make it easy for you and your team to implement processes in your insurance agency,
    • A unique recommended process implementation plan focused on marketing, sales, service, and retention for your agency.
    • Biweekly insurance agent specific group web training sessions. These 60 – 90 minute web sessions will introduce and reinforce key processes, tasks, and marketing campaigns that must happen for an agency to grow.  (This is not a private session, it is a group session that generally has 100's of attending agents)
    • Subscription to the Inspire a Nation E-Newsletter with tips and tricks that will keep you and your team motivated and engaged with tasks and campaigns that are important in your agency.
    • Help desk support by phone and email from the Inspire a Nation support team
    • (Special Note - We also provide the option to have an Inspire a Nation Mentor spend up to 3 days in your agency and provide hands-on training and mentoring to your agency team members. Get more information by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/2agEtBq)

    Level 1 Insurance Membership - $129.00/Month

    (Click here to go directly to the application page and the insurance membership levels)

    Small Business Virtual Mentoring Membership (120 Day Jump Start) - $29.00/Month

    Click here to go to the Small Business Virtual Mentoring Membership

    As a member you are able to: Watch the mentoring sessions, download step by step workflow templates, job aids, scripts, screen captures, and take a training quiz to confirm you fully understood the mentoring topic.


    Still not sure: 

    Short Quiz: Are You a weak, strong, or average Insurance Agency Leader? 

    Find out in under 30 seconds by taking our short quiz: http://bit.ly/agencyleaderquiz

    Special Note To Active Members

    Get your staff involved with the mentoring. Too often we see the agent try to “learn” all of the Inspire a Nation processes before they ever get the staff involved. IT WILL NOT WORK! We can say this with certainty and authority based on 10+ years of helping 1000’s of agencies implement processes. Nothing in the library is meant to hurt your leadership, only enhance it, so you shouldn't hoard the mentoring wisdom from your staff.

    At the very least allow them to watch the “Daily/Weekly/Monthly Tasks -  Complete Overview” Video:http://inspireanation.org/Daily-Schedule-Complete-Overview

    Other Member Benefits

    You will receive phone support and email support from the Inspire a Nation mentoring team. We understand that sometimes you need to speak to someone that truly understands how to answer your questions and give you guidance and direction.

    The wisdom and experience of a team of agents and staff led by Dr. Billy R. Williams that grew from a single one person shop to over 40 agency partners and $600 Million+ in new and renewal premium annually.


    Ready to join? Click on the Application Tab and choose your membership option:


     Membership Levels:

    PayPal is our online merchant provider. If you do not have a current PayPal account one will be created for you when you enroll. If you have one but can't remember the password, or you prefer to create a new PayPal account for this membership, put the card you would like to use in the PayPal visitor section (You will see this section when you get to the invoice portion of the membership application) and a new PayPal account will be created for you. 

    Also available to active members is The IAN Data and Marketing Center CRM. The active member version comes with Inspire a Nation templates inside the CRM and easy access to the Video and Document Library. This allows you to automate the majority of the processes taught by Inspire a Nation including: email templates, auto-responder email series, process workflows, text messaging, landing pages, automatic to-do notes, record flags, and more. Click one tab and the automated pieces of the process are implemented and tracked.

    Questions and Answers

    Q. What is the Video and Document Library?

    A. It is our crown jewel. We implemented and tracked the 

    results of 100's  of processes and conversations from our 

    partner and member agencies.

    We took the processes, conversations, and tools that produced the best results and created training videos, scripts, job aids, screen captures, and step by step implementation checklists to create what we call "paint by the numbers" processes for agencies.

    Inspire a Nation Video and Document Library

    In talking to agents and their staffs about what they needed from an Insurance agent coaching and mentoring company

    that would offer them the best opportunity for growth and retention in their agencies, we were told they wanted: 

    step by step instructions, video explanations, immediate access to screen captures, scripts, job aids, checklists, 

    and resources. 


    In other words they wanted everything laid out for them. They didn't want to have to figure out anything; 

    they wanted paint by the numbers instructions. Our Video and Document Library fills their desires!

    Why spend $100's each month on Insurance Agent Coaching companies that only imitate what we do for our members?


    Q. Most agent consulting programs make you sign a long term contract but you don't, why not?

    A. Because we are not a consulting service, we are mentors. Contracts are good for the consulting company's cashflow. Everything we do is about the agent and their staff. Consultants work with people that do what you do, we actually do what you do everyday, just at a more efficient level.

    The agent determines how long and how much of our guidance and support they need. If we can accomplish what they want in 2 months that is all they need to pay for. We offer annual memberships for those clients that understand upfront how much help they need. Toward the end of the year we cut off our level one monthly memberships to keep our competitors from poaching our training resources and job aids as part of their big year end push to acquire more sales. (I know it sounds paranoid, but we have the historical evidence and lawsuits to justify it!)


    Q. Aren't you concerned with other "Gurus" joining as members or buying your manual and pretending they came up with the processes?

    A. Honestly I used to be, but the difference is our processes follow an exact order of implementation. Think of it like a recipe. I can gather all of the stuff that I need to cook a dish, but if I don't put the ingredients in the proper order, at the proper time, in the proper way, my food will taste like garbage compared to what I hoped it would taste like.

    I have spent a lot of time and money copyright protecting not only our written and video material but the order of implementation. There is a $10,000.00 finders fee for anyone that alerts us to the fact that someone is violating our copryright protection, and we win the $50,000.00 copyright award in court. (Yes, we have to win our $50K before you get your 10K)

    The last few months of the year we cut off our Level One Monthly Membership to keep our competitors from joining for a couple of months and poaching our training materials to prepare for their year end and January marketing blitz.


    Q. How effective are the processes and the order that you spoke about earlier in this interview?

    A. I started Inspire a Nation in April of 2008. Since that time our partner and member agencies produce about $600 Million Dollars a year in new and renewal premium. That is not bad for a little over 9 years. Our member agencies represent all types of insurance carriers: independents, captives, semi-captives, IMOs,  and GAs.

    Billy R. Williams, PhD

    President - Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring and Williams Family Agency Investment Group


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