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Level 1 Individual Insurance  Level 2 Insurance Agency Management Level 3 Large Insurance Agency 
$129.00/Month $349.00/Month $1000.00/Month
1X Month Web Mentoring Session 2X Monthly Web Mentoring Sessions 1X Monthly Web Mentoring Session
Video & Document Library Video & Document Library Video and Document Library
Biweekly Member Only, Group, Step-by-Step Implementation Webinars Biweekly Member Only, Group, Step-by-Step Implementation Webinars Biweekly Member Only, Group, Step-by-Step Implementation Webinars  
Data Super Center Not Included One Free Data Super Center Subscription
(1 - 15 Staff Members only)
One Free Data Super Center Subscription
Phone & Email Support Phone & Email Support Phone & Email Support

1 - 15 Staff Members

1 - 50 Staff Members

50+ Staff Members/Offices that have
the same email domain;
10 or Less Independent Agencies

More than 10+ agencies? See level 4 membership

Bi-weekly Accountabilty
Check-in Calls
Bi-weekly Accountabilty Check-in Calls
(Non Web Mentoring Weeks) 
Bi-weekly Accountabilty Check-in Calls
(Non Web Mentoring Weeks)

Note: Each fully paid Annual Inspire a Nation Insurance Agent Mentoring Membership

includes a complimentary Fix My Insurance Agency Workshop Registration!

Each registration allows two people to attend the workshop.

The second attendee MUST be an employee of the registering agency

Inspy (Our chatbot assistant):

Thank you for your interest in the products and services that we provide at Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring.

To help you better understand how we mentor and train, here is a link to Inspy (Our chatbot assistant):

She will guide you through the exact same Module 1 that we take our member agents through.

This will help you fully experience the knowledge and wisdom we provide as part of our mentoring memberships

We easily and quickly help you change the culture of your insurance agency from the 20th century way of doing things to the 21st century way that things need to get done!

Because our mentoring is taught by investors that are also insurance agents, we mentor you on the best automated tasks, processes, and tools that will not only make you a great agency, but will also make your agency more valuable if you needed to get a loan or sell it one day.

Watch this short video

With some minor adjustments for your technology and staffing structure, our Best Practices will work for any insurance agency regardless of the type of carriers, products, and services you provide. Your one-on-one sessions are pivotal in making the correct tasks adjustments and modifications.

See Below For Specific Insurance Agent Membership Level Information

Q. Why should you follow our best practices?

A. Each individual task in the video library had to generate or save the agency at least $1,000,000 in a 36-month period in order to make the cut for the Video and Document Library!

We use video, audio, screencaptures, polls, quizzes, role play, checklist, scripts, and a variety of other training resources to guarantee that you not only understand the process or tasks, but you can actually implement the process or task.

Here is one of our actual quizzes:



Q. Can you summarize the mentoring program for me?

A. Absolutely! Here are the check listed action steps

(1) Week 1: Agents are given a list of Best Practice technology tools and automated tasks that need to be in place to perform the best practice processes. (We don't care what tool, technology, or automation you use or have available to the agency. Our best practices are based on proven tasks, we don't care what tool or automation you use to perform the tasks!)

(2) Our mentoring program will walk through the technology and automation tools currently in use in the agency to verify or identify if the tool can perform actions such as email or letter merge, automatically send drip emails based on a triggering event such as birthdays, an upcoming policy renewal or reported claim, send a text message, etc.;

(3) If the current technology or automation can’t perform the tasks, we teach you a manual way of doing it, or we modify the process to fit what your agency can or can’t get done.

(4) Weekly - Add one new Best Practices Process to the agency's Process Calendar until all 23 Core Processes are in place. We break down each process into numbered tasks based on Inspire a Nation best practice recommendations;

(5) Weekly - Implement one new Marketing Campaign in the agency 

Most agents/agencies report that they get more best practices tasks, processes, and automation implemented in our mentoring program than they have implemented in years the insurance agency.

A membership Includes:

1. A Monthly one-on-one web mentoring accountability and process implementation session with an Inspire a Nation Senior Mentor. (2x one-on-one web sessions per month for Level 2 Memberships)

We literally show you hour-by-hour, day-by-day, and week-by-week the tasks and tools you will need to double or triple the sales and retention in your agency. We do this by giving you numbered Action Steps to follow, step-by-step video instructions, and screen capture based training.

2. Free subscription to the Data and Marketing Super Center CRM (Level 2 and Level 3 Memberships) 

Click here for more info about the DMSC

3. Access to the award winning Inspire a Nation Video and Document Library and the 16 Week Agency Onboarding Program with step-by-step videos, job aids, scripts, and resources. (1000's of insurance agent specific training resources, at your finger tips) 

4. Biweekly recorded webinar and/or article training sessions, sent to your inbox, on various topics that are important to staffing and running a small business.

5. Subscription to the Inspire a Nation E-Newsletter with tips and tricks that will keep you and your team motivated and engaged with tasks and campaigns that are important in your agency.

6. Email, phone, and web meeting support from the Inspire a Nation help desk team.

Level 1 Insurance Membership - $129/Month or $1290 Annual 

(1x one-on-one web session per month)

(Individual Agencies with 1 - 15 Staff Members)

This level is for agents that have a good level of self-discipline and have no problem holding their team accountable for tasks and processes.

Members at this level do not need weekly accountability, just great resources and mentoring materials, and a monthly "mentoring, training, and accountability web session" with an IAN Mentor. 

 Our most effective membership level!

Level 2 Insurance Membership - $349/Month or $3490/Annual 

(Agents that want and require more accountability, coaching, and automation)

1. Agencies with 1 - 50 Staff Members (2x one-on-one web sessions per month)

2. Free Data and Marketing Super Center Subscription for agencies with 1 - 15 staff members

This level is for agents/agencies that need some "hand-holding" and "accountabilty" and/or that need automation (or help using existing automation to help grow the agency)

This level is heavy on regular contact with your IAN mentor, accountability, training, and process implementation. Your mentor fills the role of a part-time, off-site agency manager.

This is the perfect level if you are "a little weak in your leadership skills," not technology savvy, and you want to change the culture of your agency.

Do not select this level if you are not serious about turning over control of agency training and staff accountability to your Inspire a Nation Mentor!

(The biweekly sessions will be used to train and role play with agency staff, accountability of process implementation, and technology set-up and use.)

(Click here to go directly to the application page and the insurance membership levels)

Level 3 Large Insurance Agency Membership

1. 50+ team members that all share the same agency name and email domain

2. Less than 10 Independent Agencies in a group/cluster/organization


(1x web mentoring sessions per month)

(Click here to go directly to the application page and the insurance membership levels)

Level 3 Insurance Groups, Clusters, and Aggregators Membership - $1000/Month (Groups with 5 - 20 Associated Agencies)

(Click here to go directly to the application page and the insurance membership levels)

Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Memberships


Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Insurance Membership Levels

Helping to drive your insurance agency to new heights!


        Automation & Technology


                           Marketing & Advertising

Our experience shows that if you dedicate yourself, your team, and your technology to properly training and implementing the processes and tasks we teach you, you can turn your agency around in 12 - 16 weeks.

Example Claims Process Steps = Reported Claim + Initial Claims Email + Follow-Up Phone Call + Permission to Text Message     +  Policy Weakness Conversation + Etc.,

 2 1/2  Day (Live) In-Office Mentoring


 $7500.00 - 2 Day In-Office Mentoring

Hearing and reading about processes is one thing, receiving hands-on mentoring and seeing them properly implemented in your agency and the power of their effectiveness, takes your agency’s production to an entirely different level. The Inspire a Nation In-Office Mentoring Program is the most productive hands on training available in the insurance industry today!

This 2 day in-office mentoring is the perfect choice for agents that want hands-on mentoring and training. 

(The preferred mentoring days are Wednesday – Friday)

All mentoring is provided at one insurance agency location unless agreed on prior to the arrival of the I.A.N. Mentor

You and your staff will walk away from this mentoring armed with the latest step by step processes that will immediately increase the up-sells, cross-sells, referrals, new sales, and retention numbers in your agency while simultaneously lowering your marketing cost. You and your staff will experience a new level of excitement about your agency!

Your Inspire a Nation Mentor will show you how to get the most out of existing agency technology.

Your staff will see your in-office mentor interact with your customers using the proper conversations, tools, and processes that we teach. No more wondering what it should look or feel like, you will see first-hand what it actually works.

 Sponsoring agent(s) or organization is responsible for training location, all travel cost, and hotel of the I.A.N. Mentor and one assistant


To schedule a mentoring session: complete the form below (, email us at, or call us at 682-200-1808 Ext. 102

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What are current clients saying?


"I have been a member of Billy Williams’ mentoring program since 2007. The information and personal coaching I have received from him was instrumental in helping me achieve the number one agency in Texas with Allstate in 2010. Additionally, I was ranked in the top 1% country wide for 2011 - 2015. I do not feel I would have had the processes in place to have achieved this without his help, support and encouragement. I highly recommend Billy Williams and Inspire a Nation to help you achieve your goals!

Level 4 Insurance Carriers, Groups, Clusters, Aggregators, and Consultants that want to offer and use our materials as part of their offerings and resources.

Membership - $2500/Month 

One Year Contract Required

(10+ agencies that are part of the same cluster or group, but are independent agencies with different names and email domains. Email domains are the deciding factor between level 3 and level 4 memberships)

Email us at for more information

$4500.00  - The One Day Group Mentoring Workshop

This one day, live, in-person workshop is the perfect choice for 10 or more agents that want hands-on training.

(Usually it is insurance carriers, groups, and clusters that schedule this type of group mentoring session. Individual agencies and partnerships generally schedule the 2 Day In-Office Mentoring Session. Click here for details and pricing.

This not a lecture! This is real world, real time setup of automation and processes. You will walk away from this workshop armed with the latest step by step processes that will immediately increase the up-sells, cross-sells, referrals, new sales, and retention numbers in your agency while simultaneously lowering your marketing cost. You and your staff will experience a new level of excitement about your agency!

The sponsoring group is financially responsible for all travel and lodging for the Inspire a Nation provided Mentor and one assistant. Travel and lodging ARE NOT INCLUDED in the $4500.00 mentoring fee.

One Hour Webinar or Conference Call

$0.00 for 100+ Registrants

$500 for less than 100 registrants

All registrations must process through the Inspire a Nation Go to Webinar registration link.

The sponsoring organization will provide a $500.00 refundable deposit. The deposit will be refunded as soon as 100+ registrations have been received and verified by Inspire a Nation.

All registrations will be verified by phone and/or email

 Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring

What benefits will I see if I properly utilize your Insurance Agency Mentoring Service?
  • An Increase in Monthly: Item, Policy, and Premium Production
  • An Increase in Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • A Reduced Number of Premium Decrease Endorsements
  • An Increase in the  Number of Premium Increase Endorsements
  • A Reduced Number of Broker of Record Request to Leave the Agency
  • An Increased Number of Broker of Record Request to Join the Agency
  • An Increase in Referrals
  • An Increase in Testimonials
  • A More Accurate and Sanitized Customer and Contact Database
  • More Efficient and Effective Use of the Agency's Technology
  • An Effective Process for Interviewing, Hiring, Training, and Accountability of Agency Staff
  • A More Profitable and Successful Agency
  • An Increase in Effective Marketing Activities

Q. How does Inspire a Nation accomplish the benefits you mentioned above?

A. By providing the agency and all team members of the agency:
    • The Inspire a Nation Video and Document Library. This is the most comprehensive and complete library of processes, job-aids, marketing tools, and mentoring resources available in the insurance industry specific to operating an insurance agency. If it happens in an insurance agency, it's in the video and document library!

    • Private web mentoring accountability and implementation session(s) for your agency with an Inspire a Nation process implementation specialist. We will train and role play the processes with your staff that is needed to help grow your agency;
    • Step by step: job-aids, scripts, screen captures, letter and email templates, automation and technology setup instructions, and process workflows that make it easy for you and your team to implement processes in your insurance agency;
    • A recommended process implementation downloadable tasks calendar focused on marketing, sales, service, and retention for your agency. Each member of the agency can download the calendar. This eliminates the "what should I do next?" question and adds another level of accountability;
    • Biweekly insurance agent specific group web training sessions. These 60 – 90 minute web sessions will introduce and reinforce key processes, tasks, and marketing campaigns that must happen for an agency to grow.  (This is not a private session, it is a group session that generally has 100's of attending agents);
    • Subscription to the Inspire a Nation E-Newsletter with tips and tricks that will keep you and your team motivated and engaged with tasks and campaigns that are important in your agency;
    • Help desk support by phone and email from the Inspire a Nation support team;
    • (Special Note - We also provide the option to have an Inspire a Nation Mentor spend up to 3 days in your agency and provide hands-on training and mentoring to your agency team members. Get more information by clicking on this link:

    As a member you are able to: Watch the mentoring sessions, download step by step workflow templates, job aids, scripts, screen captures, and take a training quiz to confirm you fully understood the mentoring topic.


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