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Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring 

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Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring

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Who are we and what do we do?

Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring (A Williams Investment Group Company)

Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring works with many of the top insurance agents/agencies in North America and some of the World’s largest insurance carriers and companies.

This insider access gives Inspire a Nation the ability to implement, monitor, and track which technology, conversations, processes, and tools are working and which ones are a waste of time, money, and effort.

Inspire a Nation shares this insider knowledge and wisdom through the Insurance Agent Mentoring membership programs it offers as well as providing the renowned “Fix My Insurance Agency Workshops!”

Williams Investment Group is a group of more than 160 partner agencies that produce over a billion dollars a year in new and renewal insurance premiums.


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Q. What do we do better than any other insurance agent coaching and mentoring company?

A. We make complicated things simple and teach you the tasks, processes, automation, technology, and best practices that it really takes to build and grow an insurance agency. 

Our best practices work for captive, semi-captive, and independent agencies, regardless of the lines of insurance you sell.

We use video, audio, screencaptures, polls, quizzes, role play, checklist, scripts, and a variety of other training resources to guarantee that you not only understand the process or tasks, but you can actually implement the process or task.

Q. Make complicated things simple . . . what do you mean?

A. Just as the English language has 171,000 commonly used words all built on 26 letters, a successful insurance agency is built on 23 core processes. We have mastered the 23 core processes.

Q. I am not a tech savvy agent, can you still help me?

A. Yes. We deconstruct the 23 core insurance agency processes and reconstruct them specific to your agency in a way that regardless of where the agency is currently with technology and staffing we will improve your agency.

Q. What should I do next to see if Inspire a Nation is the right fit for me?

We use video, audio, screencaptures, polls, quizzes, role play, checklist, scripts, and a variety of other training resources to guarantee that you not only understand the process or tasks, but you can actually implement the process or task.

Here is one of our actual quizzes:

Insurance Agent Mentoring and Coaching designed to double or triple your current sales and retention numbers in 16 weeks!

What benefits will I see if I properly utilize your Insurance Agency Mentoring Service?

  • An increase in the staff member's motivation and buy-in to working processes

  • More effective use of the current agency technology and systems (You don't need new technology, you just need to use it better!)

  • An Increase in Effective Marketing Activities

  • An Increase in Monthly: Item, Policy, and Premium Production

  • An Increase in Customer Satisfaction and Retention

  • A Reduced Number of Premium Decrease Endorsements

  • An Increase in the  Number of Premium Increase Endorsements

Other Benefits:
  • A Reduced Number of Broker of Record Request to Leave the Agency
  • An Increased Number of Broker of Record Request to Join the Agency
  • An Increase in Referrals
  • An Increase in Testimonials
  • A More Accurate and Sanitized Customer and Contact Database
  • More Efficient and Effective Use of the Agency's Technology
  • An Effective Process for Interviewing, Hiring, Training, and Accountability of Agency Staff
  • A More Profitable and Successful Agency

How do we know? Because we have grown from a 1 person shop to a group of member and partner agencies that produce over $800 Million in annual sales in under 10 years, while selling a product that can be found on almost every corner in America, Insurance!

The "Fix My Insurance Agency" 2 - Day Process Implementation Workshop!



Download the workshop agenda! to register


A 2-Day, Hands-On, Step-by-Step, Million Dollar Best Practices, Process and Technology Implementation Workshop.

During the two day workshop we will implement more Best Practices tasks and processes that will help you to grow your insurance agency than most agents and agencies implement in a year!

Here is the actual format for the Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Fix My Insurance Agency Implementation Workshop:

1.      Agents work with a battle buddy to help get stuff done;

2.      Agents are given a list of technology tools and automated tasks that should be in place to perform the best practice processes;

3.      We walk through the technology and automation tools currently in use in the agency to verify or identify if the tool can perform actions such as email or letter merge, automatically send drip emails based on a triggering event such as an upcoming policy renewal or reported claim, send a text message, etc.;

4.      We walk through the 23 core processes an insurance agency must have in place to be successful; Each conversation, tasks, or process on the 23 Core Processes list had to generate or save an agency $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) in a 36-month period in order to make the cut.

5.      We break down each process into numbered tasks based on Inspire a Nation best practice recommendations;

6.      Each numbered task is implemented in real time right there in the workshop;

7.      If the current technology or automation can’t perform the tasks, we teach you a manual way of doing it, or we modify the process to fit what your agency can or can’t get done.

Many attendees have reported that they got more tasks, processes, and automation implemented in the two days of the workshop than they got implemented in the previous two years inside the insurance agency.

If you are serious about getting the best processes and best practices in place to grow your insurance agency, you should attend an upcoming Fix My Insurance Agency Implementation Workshop. (

Workshop Testimonials

I spent two days at Billy's workshop in Arlington. It was absolutely fantastic. I have been to a lot of workshops and this is the only one where the host sits down with you and works through the processes with you. He helps you set up everything that you need or want to work on. It is a great intimate setting and it is well worth your time.

Curtis Ostler - Agency Owner

Bob Klee, CPRIA

President at Kelly Klee Private Insurance

I went as a guest to help my best friend & was blown away! I had no idea this type of Quality training was available to agents! Billy R Williams, PhD, is a master trainer/motivator! You were there all Monday evening, helping, encouraging us to make the processes you just showed us during the day, ours, by building the templates you showed us during our first days training into our AMS. Wow, I've never experienced this in my Insurance career.   Then you did a live claims followup call for one of the agents attending & showed us how easy it is, if one follows your process, to turn a claim into an opportunity! You are the Master at building simple processes that if followed, will help an agent get to a $10 Million book of business sooner vs. later.  If you want to grow your agency faster, take advantage of what Billy offers at hashtag#InspireANation  Billy, it was my pleasure to meet you & go through your training this week. Thank you.

Just went to Fix my insurance agency workshop and have been able to implement several of the 23 core processes that were lacking in our agency
Well worth the time.

Andy Roy

I've attended a lot of workshops over the years and this was the first and only one to actually help me implement changes during the workshop!  I've got actual processes to follow and proven ways to get from point A to point B every time.  It also helped me take the emotion out of tough decisions.

Brian Bernth

We had the opportunity to participate in the Fix my Insurance Agency workshop. It was amazing! We are an estate planning law firm. Most of the information was relevant to building and automating a business. Getting, caring and retaining clients and processes that impact. Great implementation process.

Aimee Griffin

Dr. Billy Williams' mentoring program is exactly what we needed. He has systems and processes that makes growing your agency fun and exciting. The systems and processes work and they make everything easier. We really like that the systems are step by step.

While attending the Elevate ‘18 Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, I was able to see Billy Williams present. He has an amazing way of connecting with the audience and puts concepts into ways that really engages with those in attendance. One thing I took away from his speech when discussing leading others, was the concept of not having to love your job, but the job has to support what you love. If you have an opportunity to see him speak, don’t miss out!

John Bachmann

I listened to Billy speak at the AI Brainshare Event in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. His laser focus on improving agencies through effective management of agency personnel was hard to miss. If you are willing to commit your time and energy toward improving your agency, his mentoring will get you across the finish line. As Billy would say, "It's not easy but it is simple".

See many more testimonials on our Testimonials Page or on Google by searching "Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring + Mansfield,TX"



Biweekly Group Mentoring Sessions start on June 10, 2019!

The sessions are taught by Dr. Billy R. Williams, President - Williams Family Investment Group and Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring.

The sessions are open to all insurance agents and insurance agency staff members.

Click here to register: 


The web sessions will be conducted on a Monday at 2 pm Central (3 pm Eastern, 1 pm Mountain, and noon Pacific) with the first session to be held on Monday, June 10, 2019.

Register individually for the session topic and date that you want to attend!

The live sessions will be recorded and available in the Video Library to active members.

  • Monday, June 10, 2019: Calendar Blocking - The 14 Core Weekly Processes

    • Monday, June 24, 2019: The 19 Core Agency Technology and Automation Tools every insurance agency should have in place

      • Monday, July 8, 2019: Marketing your agency - The first 8 Marketing Campaigns

        • Monday, July 22, 2019: The Declined Coverage Form - The most important sales tool for current customers

          • Monday, August 5, 2019: The Endorsement Process

            • Monday, August 19, 2019: Social Networking Best Practices - The tips and tricks that really work!

              • Monday, September 2, 2019: The New Customer Process - It establishes the culture of your agency operations

                • Monday, September 9, 2019: Marketing Campaigns to finish the year strong

                Click here to register: 



                Please enjoy these free video and audio mentoring/training lessons.


                If you like what you are seeing and hearing on these videos check out our Insurance Agent Coaching and Mentoring Memberships - Click here 


                Our 5 Featured Products and Services

                Product 1. Insurance Agent Mentoring and Coaching Programs (See Our Pricing)


                A membership Includes:

                1. A Monthly one-on-one web mentoring accountability and process implementation session with an Inspire a Nation Senior Mentor. (2x one-on-one web sessions per month for Level 2 Memberships)

                2. Free subscription to the Data and Marketing Super Center CRM (Level 2 and Level 3 Memberships) 

                Click here for more info about the DMSC

                3. Access to the award winning Inspire a Nation Video and Document Library and the 16 Week Agency Onboarding Program with step-by-step videos, job aids, scripts, and resources. (1000's of insurance agent specific training resources, at your finger tips) 

                We literally show you hour-by-hour, day-by-day, and week-by-week the tasks and tools you will need to double or triple the sales and retention in your agency. We do this by giving you numbered Action Steps to follow (The "Running Man"), step-by-step video instructions, and screen capture based training.

                4. Biweekly recorded webinar and/or article training sessions, sent to your inbox, on various topics that are important to staffing and running a small business.

                5. Subscription to the Inspire a Nation E-Newsletter with tips and tricks that will keep you and your team motivated and engaged with tasks and campaigns that are important in your agency.

                6. Email, phone, and web meeting support from the Inspire a Nation help desk team.

                Product 2. The Fix My Insurance Agency Implementation Workshop

                A 2-Day, Hands-On, Step-by-Step, Million Dollar Best Practices, Process and Technology Implementation Workshop

                Product 3. Our Marketing CRM

                The Data and Marketing Super Center - Automated Marketing Assistant CRM 

                (Amazing Functionality For Less Than $75/Month)

                Product 4. The "How to Build a $10 Million Insurance Agency" Manual and Workbook

                Product 5. Free Tools and Resources for Insurance Agents and Small Businesses

                Check out free tools and resources we provide such as a P&C Agency Marketing Plan, Licensed Sales Producer Interview Questions, Weekly Marketing Calendar, and more!


                Our most effective insurance agent membership level!

                Level 2 Insurance Membership - $349/Month (Agents that want more accountability, coaching, and automation)

                1. Agencies with 1- 15 Staff Members (2x one-on-one web sessions per month)

                2. Free Data and Marketing Super Center Subscription for agencies with 1 - 15 staff members

                3. Individual Agencies with 16 - 50 Staff Members (1x one-on-one web sessions per month) 

                (Click here to go directly to the application page and the insurance membership levels)

                How to Build a $10 Million Insurance Agency - 2018 Manual and Workbook (E-Book)


                Written in a short, easy to read, "Twitter" style, this workbook (E-Book) will make it super easy for you to understand what and how to implement the best processes to grow your insurance agency.

                Everything from finding the right niche, marketing, prospecting, agency automation and technology, process workflows, lead tracking formulas, to what tasks your staff should do every day in the agency.

                With over 150 pages of knowledge and wisdom, the workbook is chocked full of links to videos, audio snippets, forms, and other resources to help explain the tasks and processes. 

                Here is actual audio that is part of the checklist tasks:

                Active Inspire a Nation Members: Hyperlinks in the e-book will take you directly to the corresponding sections of the Video and Document Library.

                The workbook also provides a .ics electronic tasks calendar link which will allow you to load tasks and detailed audio instructions into your favorite calendar tools such as Outlook, ICal, or Google Calendar. 

                Cost? $49.00 (Instant Download)

                The Manual and Workbook is also available on Amazon for $54.00

                Here is the Amazon Link:

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