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Want to experience some of the amazing mentoring, coaching, agency best practice processes, and training that Dr. Billy R. Williams and his team at Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring are known for throughout the insurance industry but you want a sample before you commit your agency to the mentoring program?

We created the Fix My Insurance Agency Freemium Membership program just for you.

The Freemium Membership Program will help you decide if you are ready for the mentoring, coaching, and accountability that comes with being a full member of the Inspire a Nation Mentoring program.

To sign up for the Fix My Insurance Agency Freemium Membership click on this link: or the button below!

(Note: You are not signing up for the 2-Day Fix My Insurance Agency Workshop nor one of our full-access paid memberships!)

Resources you can access with a Fix My Insurance Agency Freemium Membership Include:

  • Invites to Free Training Webinars
  • Subscription to our Monthly E-Newsletter
  • A Free Comprehensive Insurance Agency Marketing Plan that is based on your marketing budget and skill set
  • Interview Questions and Live Roleplay of a Licensed Sales Producer Interview
  • A 20+ Page Excel Spreadsheet Training Guide
  • Notifications of recently posted YouTube Videos we create
  • Opportunity to be a Guest on an Upcoming Podcast where we will solve specific problems you have in your agency
  • Access to our Podcast Portals on 
    • iTunes
    • YouTube
    • Our Podcast Website
    • Google Podcast
    • Stitcher
    • Spotify
    • Libsyn

Register for the next upcoming Fix My Insurance Agency - 2 Day Implementation Workshop!

Click on the podcast image above, the sign-up box, the microphone below, or

Use this link:

to sign up for to access the various Podcast Portals such as iTunes, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcast, our YouTube Channel, the monthly e-newsletter and other "free" Fix My Insurance Agency mentoring and coaching resources.

Would you like to be a guest on our podcast and allow us to give you real-world, no B.S. answers related to growing your agency? If yes, submit your question on the form and if selected we will invite you to be a guest on one of the upcoming episodes of our podcast.

ICECREAM FOR BUSINESS LEADERS - Lessons business leaders usually learn the hard way!

3-Minute Audio Introduction - Click Here

Ego and Emotions (Mood) - Click Here

Download the ICECREAM training handout at 

What you are experiencing on this free audio/video page is only the tip of the iceberg of knowledge, wisdom, step-by-step instructions and one-on-one web mentoring that we provide in our memberships. Take a moment and check it out: 

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