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Each lesson is presented in a step-by-step numbered order so all you have to do is follow the numbered steps.

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Cost $15.00/Month

No contracts, stop the subscription anytime you like!

At Inspire a Nation our super power is making complicated things simple.

We research the globe over to find the best information, tools, and processes and instead of bombarding you with a ton of information that you have to sort through and figure out to to use, we send you one specific lesson each month.

Q. Why monthly instead of daily or weekly like some programs?

A. Because you are busy running your business not sorting through "OOOh try this" emails!

We know that the average small business owner is doing good to get one new marketing and/or operational tasks properly and completely up and running in the business  every 6 months. We give you "a monthly bite you can actually chew!"

Cost $15.00/Month

No contracts, stop anytime you like

Each month you will receive a new E-Magazine that consists of:

  • 2.  A “How-To” video of the e-magazine’s primary lesson

  • 3.  A written step-by-step explanation of the primary lesson

  • 4. Picture and screen capture images for training topics that are fairly technical such as adding elements to your website, setting up tools such as landing pages, text messaging, or Facebook ads

Learn, copy, and experience the best practices of the top small businesses and business leaders from around the world.

E-Magazine Monthly Topics Include:

  • Integrating Various Automation and Technology Tools and Apps in your Small Business
  • Website Development and Key Elements
  • Local vs Organic Search
  • How to Locate and Nurture Business Referral Partnerships
  • The Best Social Networking Practices for a Small Business
  • The Best Methods to Gather and Use Customer Testimonials
  • Video Marketing
  • Developing Effective Landing Pages
  • The 7 Key Elements That Will Make Your Business Card a Lead Magnet
  • How to Make Your Small Business a Magnet for Inbound Prospects
  • How Small Businesses are Using Webinars and Conference Calls to Explode Their Growth
  • and much, much more!

Bonus Gifts 

  • Invitation to Public and Member Only Webinars and Conference Calls
  • Links to Inspire a Nation Podcast (Podcast we produce and/or guest speak on)

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