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 The Data and Marketing Super Center - Automated Marketing Assistant Videos

Active Inspire a Nation Members: You can upload templates, workflows, and processes that were not originally built into your version of the Data Super Center such as the Claims Process, New Customer Process, Policy Review Autoresponders and other processes by using the "Samples Tab" found in the email, letter, To-Do, WorkFlow, and landing page area.

Data Super Center - Getting Started

Data Super Center - Adding Contacts

Sending and Managing Email in the Data Super Center

Automated To-Do Tasks and WorkFlows

Data Super Center - To-Do Plans and WorkFlows

Data Super Center Autoresponder Emails

 Data Super Center Introduction

 Importing Contacts into the Data Super Center

Loading Email Templates, Creating To-Do Plans, and Utilizing WorkFlows

The Birthday Contact Process - 10 Minute Business Mentor Video Newsletter 9:00 Min

 Professional Newsletters are provided in the Data Super Center 2:00 Min

Landing Pages and Web Forms in the Data Super Center 6:00 Min

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