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1. How to Fix Your Broken Insurance Agency in 12 Weeks - Excerpt

How can you tell if you have a broken insurance agency?

Simply answer these 5 questions
Q1. Does your average new staff hire stay with the agency less than 2 years? If yes, your agency is broken.
Q2. Does the agency staff maximize customer events such as endorsement requests, reported claims, new customer follow-up contacts, policy reviews, and even rate increase conversations as opportunities to x-sell, up-sell, drive referrals, gather testimonials, and drive retention? If not, your agency is broken.
Q3. Does your pay plan include any consequences for staff not following the established agency processes and conversations? If not, the agency is broken.
Q4. Does your staff do what they want to do instead of what is best for the agency? If yes, the agency is broken.
Q5. Is prospecting an afterthought in the agency as opposed to being top of mind with every customer and contact interaction? If yes, your agency is broken.

2. Download our Insurance Agency Specific Licensed Sales Producer Interview Questions with a live audio interview and the Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Job Application Template in Microsoft Word format.

Click http://bit.ly/liveLSPinterview or on the microphone above to hear a live interview for a Licensed Sales Person Position. If you want a copy of the exact questions asked during the interview, click on the link below.

Click here to request the Licensed Sales Producer Interview Questions with Live Audio and the Insurance Agency Specific Job Application Template 

or click here: https://inspireanation.wufoo.com/forms/m1trpu7r1a5150q/

Not sure what questions to ask when interviewing for a Licensed Sales Producer? Download the exact questions you should ask by clicking here

Download and modify the Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring provided Insurance Agency Job Application Template for your agency.

Always have the applicant complete a position specific job application.

Don’t rely on a resume. A good job application will:

  • Give you a standard format to review which makes it easier and faster to get through more resume’s
  • Allow you to effectively perform a side-by-side comparison of applicants
  • Allow you to quickly identify expertise and skills that match the position

Shortly after completing the request form you will receive an email with a link to the Job Application Template in Microsoft Word format. Be sure to modify the Job Application Template for your agency before using it with an applicant.

3. Are You a Strong or Weak Insurance Agency Leader? Take our one minute quiz and find out!

Most struggling agencies are a product of weak agency leadership and not just market volatility and rate increases. Weak insurance agency leadership causes frequent staff turnover, over spending on staff salaries, over-inflated agency expenses, poor implementation of marketing campaigns, and poor sales production.

Takes 1 minute to complete and your results will be immediately emailed to you.

4. The General Small Business Marketing Plan Tool  

Do you need a marketing plan for your small business?

This version of the Marketing Plan Creation Tool is designed for ALL small business types. Examples include: consultants, home based businesses, event planners, flower shops, writers/authors, lawyers, independent contactors, MLM reps, etc. 

If you own, manage, or lead a small business, take a couple of minutes, answer a few multiple choice questions, and Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring will generate a marketing plan that you can implement immediately that is specific to your answers and your budget!

5. ICECREAM - Lessons Faith Based Business Leaders Tend to Learn the Hard Way - Audio Recordings and Handouts 

This revolutionary business leader training is based on biblical principles and God's 5 main purposes for a business.

6. Download our Mobile App! 


The app allows you to: schedule appointments, log directly into the Video and Document Library (Active Members Only), see our latest 10 Minute Business Mentor Video sessions, register for upcoming webinars and workshops, call or email us directly from the app, see a complete list of our paid and free mentoring services, and more. 

Use this link: https://inspireanationmentoring.appsme.com to download our mobile app.

7. Download our free 20 page Excel Spreadsheet Training Course w/ Screen Capture Explanations


Click Here to Download the Free Excel Spreadsheet Training Course

Watch this short video that explains the 7 Small Business Marketing Personalities

What is your natural marketing personality? What is your company’s natural marketing personality?

Each person has a dominant marketing personality. That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t be good at multiple types of marketing, but there are always one or two types that you naturally prefer.

Each business has a dominant marketing personality as well. Often the marketing in a business is influenced by factors and resources (abundant or limited) such as the marketing personality of the leadership, the technical skill set of the person or people responsible for marketing, and of course resources such as money, technology, and time.

Each of the 7 marketing personalities has its own strengths and weaknesses, which means that relying on just one personality type or marketing campaign type will limit the overall success of marketing and advertising in your company.

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