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         You can order the "How to Build a $10 Million Insurance Agency" E-Book in one of two ways:

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Congratulations! You are about to acquire the most revolutionary instruction manual available in the insurance industry.


Our president and writer of the "How to Build a $10 million Insurance Agency" manual, Billy R. Williams, PhD., is an investor in various types of insurance agencies.

In addition, he works with many of the top captive and independent insurance agents throughout the United States.

This insider access gives him and his team the ability to implement, monitor, and track which conversations, processes, and tools are working and which ones are a waste of time, money, and effort. This manual is a culmination of the years of implementation, tracking of results, and successful agency growth.

This is the manual that the “Insurance Gurus” order and use as the reference tool for most of their coaching programs!


Need more info? See our Q and A below!


The Manual and Workbook will:

Provide you with the Inspire a Nation Agency Marketing Assessment and Planning Tool: This revolutionary assessment tool is based on Yes/No answers which makes it easy for you to identify your agency's marketing weaknesses and complete your agency's yearly marketing plan in hours instead of weeks!

Show you how to “create your own internet leads” by using free tools such as: online web forms, social media, conference calls, testimonials, and review sites such as yelp, Angie’s List, and City Search;


Provide the agency with a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks plan: Knowing what tasks to do is important, but so is knowing when to do them. You will never have to wonder what tasks and processes you and your agency staff should focus on, if you follow our plan. 

Give you a complete list of weaknesses most agencies have to deal with, along with specific solutions we have proven will fix those weaknesses.

Explain how to use the latest technology based tools such as: Text Messaging, QR Codes, Online Review Sites, and Social Media to help spread your brand, communicate with your customers and prospects, and increase sales.

Fully explain agency topics such as: staffing, agency weaknesses and solutions to those weaknesses, tools available to the agency, and it provides you with a training reinforcement guide you can use within your agency staff to keep them on track.

At the end of each section is a 3 – 5 question assessment quiz that helps you confirm



The focus of the How to Build a $10 Million Insurance Agency in 5 Years program is to give you tools and processes that do 6 things for your agency:

Increase premium

•Increase policies

•Increase retention

•Increase referrals

•Make customer service more efficient for the long-term growth of the agency

Provide you with a detailed list of the best agency management, customer service, and marketing processes and tools available to an agency and staff


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5. Hit submit and your transaction with process.

(Recurring Member Price)

"How to Build a $10 Million Dollar Insurance Agency in 5 Years" Workbook

Do not order the $199.00 workbook if you are NOT an Inspire a Nation Recurring Member!

$199.00 $10 Million Agency Workbook - Member Price


(Non-Member Price)

"How to Build a $10 Million Dollar Insurance Agency in 5 Years" Workbook

The $499.00 price is for Non Inspire a Nation Members



Non Member Price - $10 Million Agency Manual and Workbook

Q and A Section


Q. If I am a current I.A.N. member do I need to order this new manual?

A. No, unless you are the kind that works better from a book or manual than from a training video with documents and training aids attached.



Q. Who should order this new edition of the instruction manual?

A. Anyone that that needs a written, focused, agency growth plan that is based on actual tracked results and not theory, along with anyone that ordered an earlier edition of the manual that is not a current inspire a Nation member. We packed this new manual with so much current and up-to-date information that the old edition of the manual is pretty much obsolete.



Q. What are some of the items that you discuss in this instruction manual that teach you how to build a $10 million agency in under five years?

A. Just like in our video and document library, I tried to touch on every area related to running an agency. I start with understanding the agency leader's strengths and weaknesses, especially, important tasks that they just don't seem to have the self discipline to do or properly manage, then we go to the actual agency strengths and weaknesses. There is a complete section on specific solutions to specific agency weaknesses.


From there I work on how to properly staff the agency, and how to properly train the agency staff that currently is in place. Though at the end of the day if staff will not do what you need them to do then you have to find ways of automating important task that staff should do, and we discuss the automation that is available today to do that.


I have a massive section on how to properly market, promote, and brand your agency. We all know that effective marketing is the lifeblood of any agency, but we also know it is usually one of the weakest areas in an agency's daily operation. I start with a 50+ question marketing assessment quiz that will help the agency quickly identify what marketing tasks should occur in the agency based on their markets, staff strengths and weaknesses, and automation available to them


Once they have an understanding of the technology, processes, and conversations that must be utilized, I give them a specific daily, weekly, monthly, and annualized marketing and task plan. Knowing when to do something is often as big of a roadblock to implementing a process as knowing what to do.


As I stated earlier, This manual touches on every aspect of running an agency, from effectively using SEO, text messaging, and other modern technology available to an agency, to how to say the right thing at the right time to have a greater chance of closing the sale.


Obviously I couldn't pack everything that is in our video and document library into this instruction manual, but I tried to pack as much as I could before my publishers said "enough is enough"




Active Inspire a Nation Member Price = $199.00


"How to Build a $10 Million Dollar Insurance Agency in 5 Years" Manual and Workbook


Do not order the $199.00 workbook if you are NOT an Inspire a Nation Recurring Member! We verify member status prior to shipping the manual

$199.00 $10 Million Agency Workbook - Member Price


Non Inspire a Nation Member Price = $499.00

"How to Build a $10 Million Dollar Insurance Agency in 5 Years" Manual and Workbook


The $499.00 price is for Non Inspire a Nation Members


Non Member Price - $10 Million Agency Manual and Workbook




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